Water Initiated Sensing Aerial Disconnect

Designed for use aerial delivery dropped into water, the WISAD releases the cargo parachutes from the load on water entry

User maintained and refurbished

Suitable even in strong winds, thereby ensuring boats are not pulled over or equipment dragged by the inflated parachutes.

  • Mechanical operation, no pyrotechics or electronics
  • Re-usable following minimal maintenance by the user unit
  • Driving rain tested to ensure premature release does not occur
  • Utilises existing proven water sensing technology
  • No special skills required for rigging or maintenance
  • Low cost refurbishment consumable pack consists of:
    • Water sensors (x8)
    • Cables (x4)
    • Sensor Protection Sock (x4)
    • Retaining pin
    • Cable tie short (x8)
    • Cable tie long (x4)


Shock and vibration tested for use with:


Technical specifications
Maximum surface wind speed30 knots
Weight disconnect body7kg
Weight actuator1kg
Length disconnect body628mm
Release time on water entry1 to 1.5 seconds
Maximum load per disconnect120kN
Actuation load0 to 100kN
Operation water temperature2°C to 36°C
Operates in water salinity0% to 3.8%

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