Royal Oman Air Force – congratulations on passing your EFA course!


Back in November we brought you news following the successful completion of the Royal Oman Air Force who were attending a Repair, Maintenance & Packing course for the EFA Brake Parachute.  In December, it has been our absolute pleasure to welcome back the next group from the Royal Oman Air Force who have successfully completed the same training as their colleagues, headed up by our very knowledgeable and experienced Dave Jackman (Design Services Supervisor) and Janice Saunders (R&D).


Royal Oman Airforce

Oman have recently taken delivery of 5 EFA aircraft and the team were here at Airborne Systems to learn how to look after the brake parachute.

They had spent the previous 3 weeks at Martin-Baker learning how to pack the ejection seat parachute, which utilises the Airborne Systems Type 5000 Aeroconical parachute.


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