Personal Survival Packs (PSP)

IrvinGQ designs and manufactures Personal Survival Packs PSP primarily for the use of helicopter aircrew in the event of emergency egress

Available either as a soft pack that is worn on the back or a fiberglass hard container that is carried in the aircraft seat and includes a seat cushion on the top


When used with a parachute system, the hard container PSP has the option of a lowering line to enable the PSP to be dropped but retained below the wearer after canopy deployment to reduce the risk of injury on landing.

Product features
  • Contains a single-seat life raft and survival aids customized to environmental conditions.
  • Sized to allow escape through the side window of a helicopter.
  • Attaches to a life preserver via connecting points on the left and right side.
  • Single-handed release enables the wearer to quickly remove and operate the pack after emergency egress.
  • Designed to sustain a crash load of 22.2kN.

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