Helicopter Rescue Strop

Designed primarily to facilitate the rescue of survivors from the sea; however, it is permissible to use the strop to rescue survivors in other conditions

No special clothing or equipment is required to enable the strop to be used

The strop can be donned by an uninjured survivor of any size with relative ease, unaided, but usually a member of the crew of the rescue aircraft is lowered on the winch cable with the strop, to aid both injured and uninjured survivors. 

Helicopter Rescue Strop features

The IrvinGQ Helicopter Rescue Strop consists of a nylon webbing strap fitted with D-rings at each end to attach the strop to the helicopter winch cable hook. A slider enables the strop to be drawn close to the body of the survivor. A webbing handle on the outside of the strop enables the SAR crewman to control and restrain the survivor safely and securely.

Hypothermic Lift Strop

The IrvinGQ Hypothermic Lift Strop when used in conjunction with a standard Rescue Strop, allows survivors suffering from hypothermia to be lifted horizontally into the aircraft.

The strop is nylon webbing and 2.13 m (84 in) in length. Both strops are placed over the survivor’s head and then the hypothermic strop is moved down to the lower legs of the survivor’s body to lift the survivor in a semi-recumbent position thus minimising the risk of a post-rescue loss of blood pressure.

Technical specifications
Helicopter Rescue Strop
(Yellow) 1.982 m (6 ft 6 in)
Helicopter Rescue Strop
(Yellow) 2.134 m (7 ft)
Helicopter Rescue Strop
(Yellow) 2.438 m (8 ft)
Hypothermic Lift Strop (Blue)GQD400211670-99-5913623

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