Helicopter Rescue Equipment 

Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopters are tasked with the recovery of survivors and casualties from the sea and other difficult or inaccessible locations. To support this requirement, IrvinGQ specialises in the supply of helicopter rescue equipment

The IrvinGQ® harnesses are designed and manufactured to safely lower the SAR crewman to the survivors. 

The helicopter rescue strops hoist the SAR crewman and survivor back up to the helicopter.

Rescue Harness Mk 4

The IrvinGQ Helicopter Rescue Harness Mk 4 is provided for use when lowering a crew member to assist in the rescue of survivors. When in use, it is fitted to the crew member and connected to the winch cable hook, via a Quick Release Fitting. It is normally used in conjunction with the rescue strop, in which the survivor is hoisted up to the aircraft securely and safely. It can be supplied in configurations to suit specific helicopter types and operating procedures.

It consists of four main components:

  • Harness Assembly – A canvas bucket seat fitted with integral, adjustable body and leg straps.
  • Suspension Strop – A short strap to attach the harness to the helicopter winch cable hook.
  • Quick Release Fitting – Connects the suspension strop to the harness.
  • Extension Strop – A 1.8 m (72 in) strap to use as an additional connecting line between the harness and the helicopter winch cable hook. The Helicopter Rescue Harness Mk 4 is normally used in conjunction with the Helicopter Rescue Strop.

Technical specifications
Helicopter Rescue Strop
(Yellow) 1.982 m (6 ft 6 in)
Helicopter Rescue Strop
(Yellow) 2.134 m (7 ft)
Helicopter Rescue Strop
(Yellow) 2.438 m (8 ft)
Hypothermic Lift Strop (Blue)GQD400211670-99-5913623

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