Grabbit Hook

Designed to aid the rescue of a survivor wearing an aircrew life preserver when other methods of rescue may be difficult, by night, during rough weather or when the survivor is injured

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Product details

The component parts of the assembly are made from stainless steel which makes them resistant to corrosion. A yellow or amber coloured plastic handle is fitted over the stock of the hook.

The hook has a spring gate held in the closed position. The gate can take a 5/8 in. diameter bar.

The hook is not suitable for attaching a single lift rescue strop, double lift harness, Neil Robertson stretcher or the lightweight stretcher to a helicopter winch hook.

Technical specifications
Part NumberAML 10507
Ref Number6F/6420376
Overall length445 mm (17.5 in) nominal
Length of hook172 mm (6.75 in) nominal
Length of chain172 mm (6.75 in) nominal
Length of ring102mm (4 in) nominal
Weight0.5kg (1.1 lb)

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