Emergency Escape Parachute Systems

IrvinGQ continues its history of preserving the life of aircrew with the design and manufacture of a series of emergency escape parachutes

On rotary or light fixed wing aircraft, these systems enable aircrew to bailout in the event of an emergency at altitudes up to 12,000ft amsl

Aircraft compatibility

The parachute assemblies have been designed for aircraft such as:

Sea King ASaC7 Helicopter

Firefly T67 – training aircraft

Tutor T Mark 1 – training aircraft

Vigilant T1 – gliders

viking T1 – gliders

RNAS Swordfish


IrvinGQ military emergency parachute assemblies utilise various high-performance multi-conical parachute canopies, some similar to those used in ejection seat systems together with a variety of ergonomic harnesses that fit a wide spectrum of aircrew sizes. The slim parachute packs provide user comfort, while permitting ready egress from an aircraft in an emergency via its canopy, door or side window.

Technical specifications
(suitable for light aircraft, gliders etc.)
EB85/3 PART NOIGQ 00761
(specific for Grob 115E Tutor aircraft
and Mk25 Life Preserver
Maximum All Up Mass (AUM)136kg (300lb)
143kg (314lb) Sea King Helicopter @ 120kt
Min Suspended Mass35kg (77lb)
Max Deployment Altitude12000ft amsl
Max Deployment Speed150kt (77m/s; 278km/h)
Max opening altitude12000ft (3,657m) amsl
Minimum deployment height
(point of ripcord handle operation)
150m (500ft) (agl)
Rate of descent5.4m/s (17.7 f/s) at 115 kg (254 lb)
5.9m/s (19.3 f/s) at 136 kg (300 lb)
Pack dimensions520 x 380 x 90mm
Nominal assembly weight7 kg (15.4 lb)
Finite Life
(Life may be extended to 15 yrs subject to surveillance by IrvinGQ)
10 years*

IrvinGQ Emergency Escape Parachute Systems are Engineered to Save Lives

Bailout over water is made safer through the integration of water pockets in the canopy promoting the rapid collapse of the parachute and preventing the user from being dragged in the water. The parachutist can steer towards the safest landing spot thanks to steering toggles connected to the suspensions lines adjacent to net panels the rear of the canopy, which provide nominal forward speed and rotation.

A variety of harnesses types provide a suitable and comfortable fit for all user sizes. These incorporate three-point, split-saddle closure and where appropriate include ground canopy releases.

Variants of each assembly are designed to be compatible with other aircrew equipment such as life preservers, restraint harnesses, and Personal Survival Packs (PSP).

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