CRV – Child Rescue Valise

Designed to provide a means of winch lifting a small child up to 45kg in weight, into a helicopter when that child is too small to be lifted by a Helicopter Rescue Strop

The Child Rescue Valise attaches to the winch hook and is normally used in conjunction with a Winchman in a Helicopter Rescue Harness

The CRV has an additional 2 beckets at the foot end of the CRV for the attachment of a standard karabiner attached to a steadying line, this allows greater control when being raised or lowered to the helicopter.


In its normal configuration, the child rescue valise will fit on a standard aircraft seat and is easily extendable to accommodate a larger child. The child is placed and laid into the valise via a double-zipped top aperture and is secured by straps. The child is protected by a foam layer along its base and sides.  The height of the valise has been specifically designed to allow space for the occupant to lie with knees raised and provides sufficient space above the face to reduce the claustrophobic feeling.

Child rescue valise Construction

Inside of valise is a texturised Cordura® fabric with a polyurethane coating that makes it water resistant and washable, selected for strength and durability.  Closed cell buoyant foam is used to line the base, ends and sides of the valise to ensure retention of the valise shape during use and protection of the occupant during a rescue should the valise be knocked.

Buoyancy for the valise

Two parallel zip fasteners on the top with slider tabs joined by a stiffened handle facilitate the easy opening and closing of the valise. The opening operation pulls back the entire centre section of the top providing a wide aperture for the rescuer to place the child into the valise.


The Child Rescue Valise is not intended for use as a life raft or buoyancy aid.

Technical specifications
Part NumberMRIGQ 1684
Length750 mm (29.5 in)
Length extended1100 mm (43 in)
Width450 mm (17.5 in)
Depth330 mm (13 in)
Weight (empty)3.4kg (7.5 lb)
Max carrying weight45kg (99lb)

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CRV – Child Rescue Valise
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