ATAX® Marine

ATAX® Marine is a multi-configuration maritime aerial delivery system for small to medium craft and equipment resupply

A team of four can fully rig a base platform to a mission ready condition within 60 minutes

ATAX® Marine can be used to airdrop a range of small and medium sized maritime assets such as Personal Watercraft, Kayaks, Rigid & Inflatable raiding Craft and maritime resupply loads.

Each platform module measures 2.74 m x 2.46 m (108” x 96”) aligning with existing airdrop systems.


Platforms can be used in a single or double configuration permitting the airdrop of semi or fully-inflated craft.

Configurable to float or sink dependant on the nature of the operation.

Aircraft compatibility

ATAX® is compatible with all common Cargo Handling Systems and is suitable for airdrop from the below aircrafts:





Suitable parachutes

ATAX® is suitable for use with the below parachutes:




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ATAX® Marine
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