Aircrew Safety Belt

Provides in-flight security for Air Despatchers, Parachute Jump Instructors (PJI’s) and Aircrew operating by open aircraft doors and ramps

The assembly consists of an adjustable waist belt, a Quick Release Unit (QRU)

An adjustable anchorage strap with a karabiner for connection to a suitable strong point.

Made from a double folded, length of spun polyester webbing assembled to QRU. The folded ends of the webbing are fastened through self-locking buckles on either side of the QRU and stitched to webbing loops free to slide on the belt for adjustment to the wearer.

Quick Release Unit (QRU)

Made from two folded lengths of webbing with self locking buckles. The twin quick release buckles are secured by retaining webs and the two release tabs are attached to the centre of the strap by riveted fittings. A metal housing shields the protruding tongues of the release tabs when locked.

Adjustable Anchorage Strap

The anchorage strap (or tail unit) is made from a 3.2 m length of webbing and fitted with a karabiner at the end. Two runners are used to retain the free length of the strap and reduce the possibility of entanglement. A ā€˜Dā€™ ring is fitted to the adjustable portion of the strap to allow attachment for the karabiner when anchorage to a strong point of large diameter is required.


The karabiner barrel requires three separate actions to open in order to reduce the risk of an inadvertent opening when attached to a strong point that does not pivot.

Technical specifications
NATO Stock Number1680-99-66631081670-99-750-2704
Part NumberMRIGQ2036MRIGQ1327
Anchorage StrapWithout energy absorption unitWith energy absorption unit
Snaphook TypeCaptive eye lock safety karabinerc/w fall arrest strop

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