Aircrew Cutter Mk1

Designed to cut parachute rigging lines and restraint harness webbing

UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD)

Developed for the UK Ministry of Defence to replace the Emergency Knife Mk 3.

  • The Aircrew Cutter Mk 1 comprises a two-part ABS moulded handle which contains a sliding / locking blade operated by a spring-loaded button. The blade has a shrouded cutting edge and a stabbing point.
  • The blade will cut through a double thickness of Nylon 6.6 (up to 6 mm), Kevlar and Nylon 6.6 parachute rigging line.
  • By extending the blade a fixed distance, the cutter can be used to puncture an inflated life preserver without causing injury to the wearer.
  • The cutter is stowed in a purpose-built pocket / pouch which has been designed to be sewn or attached with adhesive to flying clothing. The cutter is attached to the pouch with a lanyard.
  • All materials are corrosion resistant and all metal components have been de-magnetized.
  • The cutter is designed for a single emergency use. In service with the UK Armed Forces since 1998.

Technical specifications
NATO Stock Number5110-99-567-0707
Part NumberMRIGQ 1581

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