Aircraft Survival Pack Type A Mk2

Designed to provide emergency, life sustaining supplies to aircrew and passengers in the case of an emergency landing and/or crash

Originally designed for the RAF, the rucksack pack is based on the British Special Forces SAS / PARA Bergen


The pack consists of a main pocket with a snow / sand collar, side pockets which can be secured flat with press studs, and a medium front pocket. The pack also has a pair of padded shoulder straps, and top and bottom grab handles.

Product features
  • Each kit provides supplies designed to sustain 6 people for a minimum of 4 days in austere conditions.
  • The kits are modular allowing users to simply add or remove kits as dictated by the number of personnel on the aircraft. Moreover, this modularity allows the user to store equipment in various locations around the cabin and cargo areas to facilitate access and survivability of the equipment. This helps ensure the equipment will be available when needed.
  • The kits are provided in fire resistant military grade packs with handles and straps to allow survivors to carry the equipment over their shoulders like a rucksack.
  • The Aircraft Survival Pack also provides access to items that need to be changed due to limited life (like water, food packets, and batteries) without fully removing the complete kit from its bag.
  • The contents are sealed to provide protection from water, increase their life and to minimize maintenance and repacking. These features make the kits very low maintenance for users.
  • The contents of the Aircraft Survival Pack have been specifically selected to provide the best survival value while minimizing cost, volume, and weight.
  • The kit contents provide shelter and warmth, first-aid, food/water, signals, and survival tools that are essential to enhance survivability and to maximize survival duration.
  • Each kit is approximately 20”x 17” x 12” and weighs approximately 13.5Kg.
  • The Aircraft Survival Pack contains several unique items including a combined wind up charger and radio to charge electronic devices and provide communications, laser flares for signals, as well as chemical hand warmers for personal heat.

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