Airborne Decoy System (ADS)

ADS103, an air-deployed Off board Corner Reflector (OCR) passive RF airborne decoy system, designed to protect naval ships from RF missile attacks

Our new product developed by IrvinGQ in partnership with Rheinmetall, Germany

ADS103 is a Corner Reflector-based decoy, which offers navies an additional RF countermeasure to complement chaff and active decoys, and provides a highly effective layer of defence against agile missile threats.

ADS103 benefits from the combined experience of two of the industry’s leading manufacturers of ship protection systems, and has proven highly effective in demonstration trials.


MASS_OCR offers another layer of protection for ships against RF-seeking anti-ship missiles, and can be used in conjunction with FDS3 or with other soft-kill passive or active countermeasures. MASS_OCR is lightweight, reloadable and highly effective and significantly extends the capability of the industry-leading MASS launcher.



Highly effective

Significantly extends the capacity of the MASS LAUNCHER

Complementary to FDS3™

MASS_OCR is complementary to FDS3™, providing an additional layer of defence, while increasing adaptability and pattern generation using decoy groups. MASS_OCR is suitable for any vessel equipped with MASS decoy launcher.

All ADS103™ features
  • High performance Corner Reflector with ship-like RCS
  • Compatible with MASS decoy launcher system with upgrade
  • Reloadable at sea
  • Passive RF response, cannot be jammed
  • Part of layered system of countermeasures
  • RCS produced within seconds of launch
  • Continues to produce RCS response even when on sea surface
  • Resistant to chaff discriminators
  • Insensitive to polarisation of the missile radar (vertical or horizontal)
  • 360 degree response arc
  • Capable against broad frequency, agile, coherent and LPI threats

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