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At IrvinGQ®, we stand at the forefront of aerial delivery solutions, and our PRIBAD® (Platform Rigid Inflatable Boat Aerial Delivery) system is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. 

What is PRIBAD®?

PRIBAD®, which stands for Platform Rigid Inflatable Boat Aerial Delivery, is a proven large boat aerial delivery solution developed by IrvinGQ®. It provides a comprehensive solution for the aerial delivery of various large boats, accommodating different aircraft types and configurations, including single, double (split stick), and sequential setups.

PRIBAD® seamlessly integrates into existing Cargo Handling Systems, making it compatible with a range of aircraft, such as the C130J, C17, and A400M, without the need for modification or adjustment. 

The PRIBAD® process

  • Boat is secured to the platform and rigged for airdrop. The system can then remain in storage at high readiness if required.
  • Platform and boat are loaded into the aircraft.
  • Over the DZ, an extraction parachute is deployed, extracting the platform and boat from the aircraft.
  • Once the load is extracted from the aircraft, the boat restraints are automatically released
  • Upon release, the boat separates from the platform and descends under the main parachutes, while the platform descends under its own parachute
  • Upon contact with the water, the main parachutes are automatically released from the boat, leaving it mission ready for parachutists
  • The platform is recoverable and reusable or can be configured to sink, leaving no trace of insertion

Why is PRIBAD® So Important?

Tony Smith, Vice President of Engineering at IrvinGQ® describes PRIBAD® as…

“A high-quality and high-reliability system that has been proven around the world to deliver high-value maritime assets safely for the first time. Trusted by Militaries and Special Forces around the world.”

PRIBAD® holds paramount importance in the realm of aerial delivery systems for several compelling reasons:

  • Versatility: PRIBAD® is designed to be adaptable to a variety of large boats, offering versatility in accommodating different sizes and configurations. This adaptability makes it a go-to solution for various mission requirements.
  • Seamless Integration: Its effortless integration with existing Cargo Handling Systems and compatibility with multiple aircraft types make PRIBAD® a valuable asset for military and defence applications. The ability to fit into different platforms without modification enhances its usability.
  • Proven Reliability: With years of dedicated development and a track record of over 500 successful live drops conducted globally, PRIBAD® has proven its reliability and effectiveness. It stands as a testament to its capability and performance in real-world scenarios.
  • Continuous Improvement: IrvinGQ®’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that PRIBAD® remains at the forefront of technology and functionality. Ongoing enhancements, including improvements to the extraction system, parachute disconnects, and platform restraint system, contribute to its high-quality and reliable performance.
  • Innovation for Safety: The introduction of innovative ancillary systems like WISAD and JAWS showcases IrvinGQ®’s dedication to safety. 
  • Through Life Support: IrvinGQ® can also provide after sales support, such as provision of spares, annual refresher training, upgrade advice, rigging development assistance and trials support.

Here’s some more information about our Ancillary Systems:


Unlike traditional disconnect systems, WISAD® uses sensors to detect water contact, automatically releasing parachutes and mitigating risks in high winds. This functionality is delivered without reliance on pyrotechnics or electronics, allowing the system to be rapidly refurbished by the user with minimal cost. 

This can also be utilised in conjunction with the existing ATLAS disconnect to give further assurance to the end user of a successful parachute release.


The JAWS extraction system plays a pivotal role in continuous improvement efforts for IRVINGQ®. JAWS serves as a crucial component that establishes a secure link between the extraction parachute and the platform.

This allows for the extraction of the load before transitioning to the deployment of the main parachutes. The JAWS extraction system is distinguished by its single, wholly mechanical solution. Unlike other extraction systems, JAWS is designed to provide a fail-safe mechanism for jettisoning the extraction parachute in the event of a failure. What sets it apart is the capability to rearm the system and conduct another drop if the need arises.

Traditionally, a failure of the extraction parachute in other systems would result in mission failure. However, JAWS is engineered to ensure that mission failure is not an option, prioritising mission success as a central element in its design philosophy.

JAWS simplifies the extraction process by consolidating all necessary functions into one comprehensive solution. Its “normally open” state guarantees that the load path remains with the extraction parachute until the load physically departs from the aircraft. Notably, this design feature prevents the transfer of the load to the main parachutes prematurely.

Furthermore, JAWS is designed for reusability, eliminating the need to purchase separate systems. This not only streamlines operations but also contributes to cost-effectiveness, offering a mission-centric solution that aligns with the overarching goal of achieving successful missions and saving lives.

Likewise, as with WISAD, another key advantage of JAWS over legacy systems is that it is entirely free from pyrotechnics and electronics.

As the global landscape of Maritime Counterterrorism evolves, so does PRIBAD®. Ongoing development aims to support a broader range of bigger, heavier boats. We continue refining our systems to meet the dynamic needs of end-users.

PRIBAD® stands as a beacon of reliability, offering an effective, proven solution for aerial boat delivery. IrvinGQ®’s commitment to progress and perfection ensures that we deliver not just a product but a mission success. 

This is the essence of PRIBAD® – proven, promised, and always ready for the next challenge.

Ready to elevate your aerial delivery capabilities? 

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PRIBAD® is a registered trademark in the UK and Europe