IrvinGQ Naval Decoy Systems Product Range

IrvinGQ is the world leader in Corner Reflector decoys for naval ship protection.

Our off-board passive decoys have been protecting ships of the world’s leading navies from RF missile attack for more than 30 years.  IrvinGQ decoy systems have continuously evolved so that today they continue to protect surface ships even against the latest and most agile threats, providing an essential layer of naval defence against hostile attacks for ships operating in the highest threat areas of the world.





The UK Royal Navy, the US Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal New Zealand Navy all rely on IrvinGQ’ FDS Corner Reflector off-board passive RF decoys to protect their ships.

Floating Decoy System (FDS)
IrvinGQ’ FDS3 floating passive off-board corner reflector naval decoys protect ships from RF-missile threats. Non-kinetic, functioning in all conditions, FDS3 is a proven soft-kill countermeasure.
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Airborne Decoy System (ADS)
IrvinGQ’ ADS103 off-board corner reflector (OCR) naval decoy protects ships from RF-missile threats. Compatible with Rheinmetall MASS launcher, ADS103 soft-kill countermeasure defeats chaff discriminators.
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