IrvinGQ ATAX Land and Marine – Modular Aerial Delivery Platform

ATAX is a Modular Multi-Role airdrop system that utilises an airbag shock attenuation system negating the requirement for EDM, significantly reducing rigging and de-rigging times.

Each platform module measures 2.74 m x 2.46 m (108” x 96”) aligning with existing airdrop systems.

ATAX is compatible with all common Cargo Handling Systems and is suitable for airdrop from the C130, C17, A400M and KC390 aircraft.

ATAX is suitable for use with typical in service cargo parachutes such as G11, G12 and SC15.

In flight procedures align with the most common in service airdrop system reducing training burden.





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A ‘Drive-On, Drive-Off, Float-Off’, modular, low-profile, lightweight, robust land and maritime aerial delivery platform.
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ATAX marine is a multi-configuration maritime aerial delivery system for small to medium craft and equipment resupply.
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