Low Level Parachute Mk 1

The LLP Mk 1 Low Level Parachute is a static line operated paratroop parachute assembly that allows fully equipped airborne troops to carry out massed tactical parachute assaults from jump heights as low as 76m (250 ft).


Low Level Parachute LLP IrvinGQ

The H124 low level parachute canopy incorporates a number of proven features to meet the performance requirements. These include a shaped canopy, internal rigging lines, inflation pockets on the periphery of the canopy and an internal parachute.  These features ensure fast and consistent openings, comfortable ‘g’ levels during canopy inflation, rapid damping of canopy oscillation, a low rate of descent and a high tolerance to twisting of the rigging lines.


LLP in operation


The three-point closure harness is of the split saddle type and is fully adjustable to provide a correct fit for all sizes of paratrooper. The harness incorporates canopy ground disconnects, two sets of D-ring anchorage points for the attachment of a reserve parachute assembly and the weapons/equipment container. An integral carrying bag is fitted to the side of the outer pack for recovery from the Drop Zone. The outer pack fully encloses the deployment bag. The harness has been designed for minimum restriction to the paratrooper’s mobility on the ground.




The static line is stowed externally on the top of the outer pack and is fully covered by a protective flap. The static line, which incorporates a ‘draw’ handle and protective reinforcement at the point of contact with the aircraft door, terminates in a double-entry snap-hook for direct connection to the aircraft anchor cable.



IrvinGQ Parachute Manufacturer LLP Parachute


The LLP Mk 1 Low Level Parachute Assembly is in-service with the Airborne Forces of the United Kingdom.



Credit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R41AOaI5cHw




(Credit: Defence Imagery)


Compatible with LLRP,   HUPRA Mk3,   HUPRA T-11



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Technical data

LLP Mk1 Technical Specifications

NATO Stock Number 1670-99-860-5032
Part Number MRIIRV896
Minimum Deployment Altitude 76m (250 ft) AGL
Maximum Deployment Speed 260 km/h (140 kts)
All-up Suspended Weight (AUW) 160 kg (350 lb)
Rate of Descent at 115 kg (AUW) 5.0 m/s (16.5 f/s)
Rate of Descent at 160 kg (AUW) 5.9 m/s (19.5 f/s)
Assembly Weight 18.5kg (41 lb)