HUPRA T-11 – Hung Up Parachute Release Assembly

The IrvinGQ HUPRA product line has been enhanced to provide potential customers with a new HUPRA T-11 Parachute Assembly incorporating the T-11 main parachute to provide improved system performance, in particular recovery of an increased mass


The Hung Up Parachutist Release Assembly (HUPRA) is an IrvinGQ product originally under the MK3 variant (MRIGQ1617).


The HUPRA T-11 Assembly, MRIASE2488 consists of a T-11 main parachute packed with a red PU coated Inner and Outer deployment bag.


The T-11 parachute rigging lines are attached to a four Ply HUPRA Riser via rapide links. The HUPRA Riser terminates at the lower end with the original HUPRA Mk3 Swivel Assembly and Snap Lock Connector, MRIGQ0527 and MRIGQ0521 respectively.


When the assembly is not in use and to facilitate transport to and from the aircraft, it is held in a fabric carrying bag. The assembly also includes a set of wire cutters required to cut the aircraft anchor cable in order to release the ‘Hung Up’ parachutist.


In the case of a ‘Hang Up’ scenario, the HUPRA T-11 Parachute Assembly is attached to the parachutist’s static line snap hook via the HUPRA Snap Lock Connector. The release of the parachutist and deployment of the HUPRA T-11 is facilitated by cutting the aircraft anchor cable using the wire cutters provided.


The HUPRA T-11 Parachute Assembly and its sub-assemblies are detailed in the general assembly drawing ASE05560 and packed in accordance with an IrvinGQ packing manual.


T-11 non-steerable parachute, total exit weight 400 pounds


View the below attached data sheet for T-11 specifications. Take a look at our alternative to the HUPRA T-11, the HUPRA Mk3

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