HUPRA Mk3 – Hung Up Parachute Release Assembly

When parachutists are dropped by means of a static line system, there is a very remote possibility of the static line being mis-routed through a wearer’s harness, or, due to a faulty exit, becoming entangled around his body or equipment. Such mishaps can prevent operation of the parachute and result in the user being suspended and towed outside the aircraft. A rapid rescue is essential to prevent injury to the parachutist and damage to the aircraft.


HUPRA IrvinGQ how to release a snagged parachutist


HUPRA Mk3 fulfils this requirement by the attachment of a second parachute and the release of the fouled line, thus allowing the parachutist to descend safely. The release assembly can be employed in both large and small aircraft.


  • Carrying Bag: A quick opening, distinctive red nylon fabric carrying bag for ready identification and immediate use.


  • Recovery Parachute: An Aeroconical Type 5000 main canopy, which has a flying diameter of 21.3 ft (6.5m). A webbing static line is attached to the canopy by an apex tie. The free end of the static line is fitted with a snaphook.


IrvinGQ Aeroconical Type 5000 canopy
Aeroconical Type 5000 canopy


  • Extension Strop: The Recovery Parachute is attached to a 10 ft (3 m) extension strop. The lower end of the extension strop terminates at a swivel assembly to which the cable sub-assembly and snaplock connector are secured.


  • Pack Assembly: The parachute and extension strop are contained in a red PU coated nylon pack assembly.


  • Hung Up Dummy & Release Assembly: To prevent damage to the aircraft anchor cable and to facilitate the training, the Hung Up Dummy & Release Assembly, with integral shock attenuator is used to intentionally ‘hang up’ a dummy of maximum 200lb mass to the aircraft floor. To complete the training and release the dummy a small cable assembly provided is cut using the approved wire cutters.




  • Wire cutters: HUPRA Mk3 approved wire cutters are supplied to effortlessly release the dummy by cutting through the provided cable assembly within the Hung Up Dummy & Release Assembly.



To provide our current HUPRA Mk3 (MRIGQ1617) customers with a purpose built training assembly device, IrvinGQ has developed the HUPRA Mk3 Training variants to support both air and ground HUPRA Mk3 user training. Both training variants are based on the design of the current in-service HUPRA Mk3 (MRIGQ1617), including canopy and all component parts.


To avoid confusion between the HUPRA Mk3; the Air Training and the Ground Training variants, a specific material colour designation has been determined alongside clearly modified labels.


The HUPRA Mk3 Air Training demonstration Unit, (MRIASE2443) has been given the colour designation of yellow throughout to include the Pack Assembly and Snap Lock Connector Assembly.

IrvinGQ HUPRA air training demonstration unit
Air Training Demonstration Unit


The HUPRA Mk3 Ground training Demonstration Unit, (MRIASE2444) has been given the colour designation of blue throughout to include the Pack Assembly and Snap Lock Connector Assembly.

HUPRA IrvinGQ ground training demonstration unit
Ground Training Demonstration Unit


View the below attached data sheet.  Take a look at our alternative parachute to the HUPRA Mk3, the HUPRA T-11 

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