8m Low Level Parachute Assembly

The 8m Low Level Parachute assembly is a static line operated paratroop parachute system designed to enable fully equipped airborne troops to carry out mass tactical parachute deployments from jump heights as low as 76m (250 ft) above ground level (agl). The assembly can be deployed at speeds up to 140 knots from tactical transport aircraft.


GQ 8m IrvinGQ Low Level Parachute
8m Low Level parachute


The Low Level Parachute comprises an 8m flying diameter, highly developed conical canopy fitted with air scoops to give positive opening characteristics and provide resistance to line twisting. This ensures consistent inflation and height loss performance. Additionally, the conical canopy does not suffer from post inflation collapse as seen with conventional circular canopies, thus further reducing height loss. The canopy has four mesh covered stability slots, to minimise oscillation and incorporates a net skirt to eliminate blown periphery malfunctions. Lateral movement of the parachute is achieved by selectively pulling down the risers to provide ‘sideslip’ in the desired direction.


The harness is of the split-saddle type and comprises three-point closure that provides both adjustment to obtain a correct fit for all sizes of paratrooper and permits rapid donning of the assembly. The harness incorporates canopy riser disconnects for ground use, two sets of D-ring anchorage points for attachment of the reserve parachute assembly and the equipment container. It also has an additional attachment point for the release, lowering and suspension of the container.


The outer pack fully encloses the parachute deployment bag and an integral carrying bag, that is fitted to the inside of the bottom outer pack flap. The externally stowed static line is covered by a protective flap and is mounted on the top of the outer pack to ensure it is not deployed prematurely inside the aircraft.


Compatible with LLRP,   HUPRA Mk3,   HUPRA T-11


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Technical data

8m Low Level Parachute Technical Specifications

Canopy Flying Diameter:  8m (26.25ft)
Assembly Weight:  13.6kg (30lb)
Maximum All-Up Mass (AUM): 160kg (350lb)
Maximum Deployment Speed: 140kts IAS (260 km/h)
Minimum Deployment Altitude: 76m (250ft) AGL
Height Loss to Full Canopy Inflation
at 160 kg AUM and 140 kts):
< (less than) 40 m (131 ft
Rate of Descent at 160 kg AUM: 6m/s (19.6fps)(ISA)