IrvinGQ Low Level Parachute (Credit Defence Imagery)
IrvinGQ Low Level Parachute in operation (Credit: Defence Imagery)

IrvinGQ Personnel Parachute Assemblies

IrvinGQ offer a range of low level steerable and non-steerable static line troop main and reserve parachutes that meet most customer’s needs. All our parachutes are fully certified and proven, boasting outstanding safety records and consistence performance.




8m Low Level Parachute Assembly
The IrvinGQ (formerly Airborne Systems) 8m Low Level Parachute Assembly is a static line operated Paratroop Parachute System.
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Low Level Parachute Mk 1
The IrvinGQ Europe LLP Mk 1 Low Level Parachute is a static line operated paratroop parachute assembly that allows fully equipped airborne troops to carry out massed tactical parachute assaults from jump heights as low as 76m (250 ft).
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Low Level Reserve Parachute LLRP
The Low Level Reserve Parachute (LLRP) has been developed for use with modern troop parachute systems which are dropped from altitudes as low as 250 ft.
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Emergency Escape Parachute Systems
IrvinGQ designs & manufactures emergency escape parachutes for Sea King ASaC7 Helicopter, training aircraft Firefly T67, Tutor T Mark 1 and gliders Vigilant T1 and Viking T1.
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Ejection Seat Parachutes
IrvinGQ designs, manufactures and qualifies a series of Emergency Escape Systems including all Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Parachutes.
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HUPRA Mk3 – Hung Up Parachute Release Assembly
When parachutists are dropped by means of a static line system, there is a very remote possibility of the static line being mis-routed through a wearer’s harness, or, due to a faulty exit, becoming entangled around his body or equipment. Such mishaps can prevent operation of the parachute and result in the user being suspended and towed outside the aircraft. A rapid rescue is essential to prevent injury to the parachutist and damage to the aircraft.
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HUPRA T-11 – Hung Up Parachute Release Assembly
The IrvinGQ HUPRA product line has been enhanced to provide potential customers with a new Hupra T11 Parachute Assembly incorporating the T11 main parachute to provide improved system performance, in particular recovery of an increased mass.
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Aircrew Safety Belt
The IrvinGQ Aircrew Safety Belt provides in-flight security for air despatchers, parachute jump instructors and aircrew operating by open aircraft doors and ramps.
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Aircrew Cutter Mk1
The IrvinGQ Aircrew Cutter Mk 1 is designed to cut parachute rigging lines and restraint harness webbing. It was developed for the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) to replace the Emergency Knife Mk 3.
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