Aerial Delivery Marine – PURIBAD

IrvinGQ PURIBAD-dispatching - aerial delivery

Platform Universal Rigid Inflatable Boat Aerial Delivery (PURIBAD)

RIB’s from 6.5m (22ft) to 8.5m (28ft)

Cleared from:

All marks of C130 including C130J

Compatible with:
  • A400M
  • C17
  • C5
  • KC390


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Technical data


Part Number ASE 02767
NSN 1670-99-341-1504
Type Platform Universal, Rigid Inflatable Boat Aerial Delivery (PURIBAD)
Length 5.51 m (217 in)
Width 2.74 m (108 in)
Depth (platform) Variable – Adjustable
Boat parachutes recommended G12, SC15
Platform recovery parachutes recommended 8.5 m HSU