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Aerial Delivery Marine – MCADS

IrvinGQ MCADS enable Rigid Inflatable Boats to be parachute dropped into the water, ready for immediate use.  Designed for use in Special Maritime Operations, Maritime Counter Terrorism, Anti-Piracy and Search and Rescue missions.

MCADS Aerial Delivery System – ready for immediate action

The extractor parachute extracts the load from the aircraft and the boat and platform separate immediately, safely descending to the water under their own parachutes.

The Parachutists land near to the boat in the water and the boat is ready for immediate use upon landing, which can be essential in a hostile environment. In an operational role, the platform sinks without trace, whilst in training, the platform floats for recovery and re-use.

The MCADS System can be used with any proven cargo dropping parachutes of the required capacity.  A range of platform configurations can accommodate boats from 21.3 to 39 feet (6.5 to 12m) in length.

Platforms are compatible with the following aircraft:

  • C130
  • C17
  • C5
  • A400M
  • KC390


MCADS In Service

The IrvinGQ MCADS is a proven complete Aerial Delivery system and is in service in a number of countries worldwide and is fully certified to be air dropped from the following aircraft:

  • All Mks of C130, including the C130J
  • C17
  • C5

It is also compatible with and capable of being air dropped from the A400M and KC390 aircrafts.



IrvinGQ provides customers with a single point of supply for the complete airdrop system and also provides the follow support:

  • Trials certification support
  • Training
  • Technical user Manuals
  • Spares
  • Repairs
  • Through life support


System consists of two platforms:

Platform Universal Rigid Inflatable Boat Aerial Delivery – PURIBAD

Used to airdrop RIB’s from 6.5m to 8.5m long


Platform Rigid Inflatable Boat Aerial Delivery – PRIBAD

Used to airdrop RIB’s from 9m to 12m long


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