Airdrop of combat supplies & equipment | Resupply of small patrols| Humanitarian aid drops

Aerial Delivery Land – Light Weight Aerial Delivery Loads

IrvinGQ are the world leaders in the design and manufacture of parachute systems.


Our Light Weight Aerial Delivery loads are specially designed for the airdrop of combat supplies and equipment.  This ranges from individual stores bundles to resupply of small patrols, to larger one ton Container Delivery System (CDS) Loads for mass resupply or humanitarian aid drops.


IrvinGQ aerial delivery


Light Weight Aerial Delivery Loads range from 23kg (50lb) to 1136kg (2,500lb)

A range of cargo parachutes and load harnesses are available to provide full capability dependant on the weight and size of the equipment to be dropped.


For more information regarding suitable parachutes to support your Light Weight Aerial Delivery needs, read this in the Technical Data section below.

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Technical data

 light weight Aerial delivery Parachutes include:

  • GQ 6M Utility
  • 28ft Utility

The above parachutes can be used to airdrop stores from either the side door or cargo ramp of fixed wing aircraft or from the door of helicopters.

  • SC14
  • SC15
  • G14
  • G12D or G12E

The above parachutes can be used to airdrop stores and equipment from the rear cargo ramp of fixed wing aircraft.

If you have any specific load requirements, contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution.