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IrvinGQ aerial delivery

IrvinGQ are the world leaders in the design and manufacture of parachute systems. Our Heavy Weight Aerial Delivery loads have been designed and tested for the airdrop of heavyweight equipment and vehicles.

These loads are rigged onto a modular airdrop platform and extracted from the aircraft by an extractor parachute which then deploys the main decent parachutes. The modular design of the airdrop platform allows loads of different mass and dimensions to be dropped using the same platform components making best use of the aircrafts airdrop capability.

IrvinGQ airdrop

Air bag shock attenuation is used to reduce impact shock loads and prevent damage to the load on landing. The airbags are located beneath the platform base, leaving the upper surface clear; providing a drive-on/drive-off capability for the airdrop of vehicles.


Heavy weight aerial delivery Loads

Ranging from:

8,100kg (18,000 lbs)


16,000kg (35,200 lbs)


Parachutes used for this range of loads are:

G11B (clusters of 4 to 8)

28ft or two 28ft Extraction Parachutes


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