Chinook – Troop Insertion and Extraction System Equipment (TIESE)

IrvinGQ TIESE Troop Insertion and Extraction System Equipment

Troop Insertion and Extraction System Equipment (TIESE) is made up of five products:

  • The Fast Roping Frame (FRF)
  • The Centre Hatch Fast Roping Beam (CHFRB)
  • The In-line Quick Release Mechanism (QRM)
  • The Karabiner Adaptor (KA)
  • The Hoist Belay Bracket (HBB)

How fast roping frame works

The Fast Roping Frame is designed for the Chinook helicopter and allows troops to insert from the aircraft either by abseiling, roping or ladder, it can also be used for troop extraction.

The Fast Roping Frame attaches to four 5,000lb tie-down ring on the aircrafts ramp. The tie-down adaptor holds the tie-down in an upright position whilst compensating for tie-down deformation and spreading the load to reduce the risk of further deformation.

The four tie-downs are used to restrain the Fast Roping Frame onto the ramp and each is adjusted separately to ensure optimum tension is achieved. The tie-downs used are at 58.16” longitudinal pitch and 77.00” lateral pitch. If the US ramp tie-down points are at different pitches then this may be possible to accommodate with minor configuration of the floor beams.

There are five attachment points on the Fast Roping Frame.  These can be used in a configuration to suit the specific requirement of the mission. Each attachment point is fitted with its own independent quick release mechanism (QRM)which is a two stage cut away, that may be operated under load on or load off conditions.

The fitment of the unit, using a minimum of four suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP), is ≤ two minutes. The raising of the Fast Roping Frame arch from the stowed position to the operational position using one SQEP is ≤ ten seconds, as is the lowering of the Fast Roping Frame arch back into the stowed position.


TIESE – removal of fast roping frame from aircraft

For removal of the Fast Roping Frame from the aircraft, including tie-down point adaptors using 4 SQEP  is ≤ two minutes. Dependent on the users particular concept of operations, the connection of the ropes / ladders may be done in the stowed position and then despatched over the ramp edge after the Fast Roping Frame arch is raised. To disconnect the ropes / ladders in an emergency is  ≤ 2 seconds per attachment point.


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Technical data

Load capacity of FRF

  Design Load Design Proof Load Design Ultimate Load
Single Point Attachment 13.9 KN (LTES) 20.9KN 27.9 KN
Two Point Attachment 13.7 KN (RTES) 20.5 KN 27.3 KN
Three Point Attachment 6.98 KN (Deplaning) 10.5 KN 14 KN


The FRF is of a machined and fabricated construction from Aluminium and Steel with rubber used to provide the matting surface between the floor beams and the aircraft ramp.


FRF Physical Properties

Mass 242 lb (110 kg)
Height 65.8″ (1671 mm)
when raised
12.6″ (320 mm)
when stowed
Width 85.7″ (2177 mm
at widest point
Length 89.6″ (2275 mm)
15.7″ (400 mm)
overhang of erected frame