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Helicopter Abseil Equipment

We understand the critical need behind every safety and survival product we make.  An essential element of tactical helicopter operations is the ability to rapidly deploy troops. However, we understand that it is not always possible or desirable for assault helicopters to land in order to deploy personnel. IrvinGQ has designed and manufactured high quality, specialised helicopter abseil equipment to support these missions, to help when landings are difficult or impossible.



Our Helicopter Abseil Equipment provides a full system enabling safe, rapid descent for fully equipped troops from a hovering helicopter.  Equipment can be supplied in configurations to suit specific operational needs, helicopter types or operating procedures.


Designed for Strength and Reliability

  • The IrvinGQ Helicopter Abseil equipment can be adjusted by the user for safety and comfort, with a step-in, full body harness of 45 mm bonded nylon webbing.
  • It is easy to control the rate of descent for troops or equipment thanks to the IrvinGQ simple, non-mechanical device, the Horned Lowering Link (HOLK). Secure descent of heavily equipped troops is assured by using a karabiner connecting the HOLK to the harness, which is capable of sustaining a load of 30kN.
  • Troops descend using a high-flexibility, low-stretch and kink resistant 11 mm polyester abseiling rope, designed and fit for the purpose.
  • The abseil equipment is easily maintained thanks to a water-proof, rot-proof and abrasion-restraint rope.
  • A sturdy Rope Dispenser Bag Assembly provides adequate protection for use in all operational environments.


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Technical data

Helicopter Abseil Equipment Technical Specifications

Assembly Part Number NATO Stock Number
Helicopter Abseil System MRI GQ 891
Abseil Harness GQ D 05711 8465-99-138-4189
Horned Lowering Link
AML 13133 8465 -99-138-3895
Karabiner GQ D 40220 8465-99-770-4961
Abseil Rope GQ D 14015 4020-99-543-9005
Rope Dispenser Bag
GQ D 41131 1670-99-977-8439