Deplaning Rope Assembly – Troop Deployment

An essential element of tactical helicopter operations is the ability to rapidly deploy troops. However, it is not always possible or desirable for assault helicopters to land in order to deploy personnel. The IrvinGQ Deplaning Rope Assemblies Mk 2 and Mk 3 enable fully equipped troops to rapidly deplane from hovering helicopters using a 45 mm diameter rope attached to an anchorage point on the aircraft.

IrvinGQ fast-ropes - search and rescue

The Deplaning Rope Assembly comprises a black or olive drab, bonded nylon rope woven into an 8-plait construction with a diameter of approximately 45 mm. Once attached to the helicopter anchorage point, the rope is dropped and allowed to hang free and the troops climb down. The rope has a safe working load of 584 kg (1,287 lb).

The free end of the rope is whipped to prevent fraying, and the other end is secured into a cylindrical casing by a bolted cross-pin. The end of the casing is closed by an end cap. In the centre of the end cap is an eyebolt which carries the attachment fitting.

IrvinGQ fast-rope-fitments - search and rescue


The Deplaning Rope Assembly Mk 2 is attached directly to the helicopter anchorage point by an integral ring and sprung double action snaphook.

The Deplaning Rope Assembly Mk 3 is attached to the helicopter anchorage point via IrvinGQ Quick Release Mechanism (QRM). The QRM provides a means of rapid detachment of the deplaning rope from the helicopter, even under tension, in the event of an emergency. It has been designed to ensure simple but safe operation and has a minimal number of moving parts for reliability and ease of maintenance. The QRM is available with a 15 mm (0.6 in) or 17.75 mm (0.7 in) wide attachment hole.

The Helicopter Deplaning Rope Assemblies can be supplied with rope lengths and attachment fittings to suit specific helicopter types, operating procedures or special customer requirements. See technical data below.


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Technical data
Assembly Rope Length Part No. NATO Stock Number
Deplaning Rope
Assembly – Mk 2 12 m (40 ft) AML 15018 (Black) 4020-99-774-6276
IGQ 02452 (Green) 1670-99-725-0899
15 m (50 ft) AML 15020 (Black) 4020-99-774-6277
IGQ 02454 (Green) 1670-99-875-7354
18 m (60 ft) AML 13877 (Black) 4020-99-774-91 50
IGQ 02455 (Green) 1670-99-987-8926
27 m (90 ft) AML 13878 (Black) 4020-99-774-6275
IGQ 02456 (Green) 1670-99-275-5265
36 m (120 ft) AML 15013 (Black) 4020-99-335-4175
IGQ 02457 (Green) 1670-99-253-4578
Deplaning Rope
Assembly – Mk 3 12 m (40 ft) AML 16601 (Black) 4020-99-839-9980
IGQ 02458 (Green) 1670-99-940-4514
15 m (50 ft) AML 16602 (Black) 4020-99-839-9981
IGQ 02459 (Green) 1670-99-347-5379
18 m (60 ft) AML 16603 (Black) 4020-99-839-9982
IGQ 02460 (Green) 1670-99-213-1955
27 m (90 ft) AML 16604 (Black) 4020-99-839-9983
IGQ 02461 (Green) 1670-99-371-1729
36 m (120 ft) AML 17108 (Black) Not yet codified
IGQ 02462 (Green) 1670-99-148-0613
Quick Release Mechanism (QRM) AML 16550 1670-99-160-4205
with 15 mm hole in mounting block
Quick Release Mechanism (QRM) AML 17050 1670-99-870-0604
with 17.75 mm hole in mounting block