Hi-Line Transfer Assembly

The IrvinGQ Hi-Line Transfer Assembly has been developed with safety in mind.  During rescue operations in high seas Search And Rescue (SAR) crewmen are in danger of being struck by the ship’s masts or rigging.

IrvinGQ Hi-line - search and rescue


The Hi-Line Transfer Assembly enables the helicopter to be positioned to one side of a ship during rescue operations.  Prior to lowering, the Hi-Line is positioned on the vessels’ deck, then the helicopter moves clear of the vessel.

The SAR crewman is lowered and the vessels’ crew pull on the Hi-Line to guide the crewman onto the deck.


The assembly consists of:

  • Length of 7800 N (1750 lbs) braided rope IrvinGQ Hi-Line - search and rescue
  • Line stowage container of rigid or fabric construction IrvinGQ Hi-Line - search and rescue


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Technical data