CE Certified Abseil Descender

The IrvinGQ CE Certified Abseil Descender and Harness provide a safe, secure and controlled method of descent from fixed structures or helicopters.

When conducting insertion and rescue operations, Special Forces, Police Tactical Units and Emergency Services may be required to abseil to a point of entry into buildings and high structures or inaccessible ground locations.

The Abseil Descender and harness has been designed with users in mind.


IrvinGQ CE certified descender - search and rescue
CE certified descender

The Abseil Descender is a hand operated mechanical device for controlling the rate of descent whilst abseiling.


IrvinGQ CE certified abseil descender - search and rescue


Key features are:

  • All Descenders are fully CE certified
  • Available with fixed or opening (lockable) gates
  • Available with single or double stop actions
  • When locked, the descender frees both hands
  • If released, the descender automatically locks
  • One or two person capacity
  • Can be used for rescue or evacuation
  • Suitable for use with 11 mm diameter polyester abseil rope
  • Can be used from fixed structures or helicopters
  • High Safe Working Load allows personnel to descend carrying heavy operational equipment

Additional Equipment

A range of equipment is available to complement the descender including:

  • Abseil Harnesses
  • Abseil Ropes and Rope Bags
  • Load Release Assemblies
  • Karabiners

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Technical data
Technical Specification Part No.
Abseil Descender Opening (Lockable) Gate, Single Stop Action AML 16234
Abseil Descender Fixed Gate, Double Stop Action AML 16081
Abseil Descender Fixed Gate, Double Stop Action incorporates
attachment point for second harness / karibiner
AML 16682
The Abseil Descender and Harness Assemblies can be supplied
in configurations to suit specific requirements and operating procedures. Please enquire regarding specific types or designs to meet special requirements or potential applications.