Aerial Delivery – The Transfer Safety Link Assembly (TSLA)


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IrvinGQ TSLA - Transfer Safety Link Assembly
The Transfer Safety Link Assembly is a single compact unit that interfaces with standard extractor retarder units


The IrvinGQ Transfer Safety Link Assembly (TSLA) was developed to address a known Single Point of Failure (SPOF) within the industry standard extractor retarder aerial delivery system.


  • The TSLA is fitted in parallel to the Extraction Force Transfer Coupling (EFTC) latch assembly and ensures the safe extraction of the payload and main parachute deployment in the event of a premature release of the EFTC
  • The TSLA prevents premature deployment of the main parachutes by the extraction parachute before the load has exited the aircraft
  • The TSLA is compatible with Extractor Parachute Jettison Systems (EPJS) when using larger extractor parachutes
  • The TSLA has been designed to interface with all in service aerial delivery platforms and current / future aircraft


In-service with the UK MOD the TSLA has been designed to be robust and easily maintained and easy to rig.  The mechanical drop arm runs along the aircraft floor providing a mechanical interlock that ensure the extractor is not released until the unit has exited the aircraft.

IrvinGQ Transfer Safety Link Assembly TSLA



  • Compatible with all major Marine and Land LVAD
  • Extractor retarder platform systems
  • Compatible with C130, C17, C5, A400M and KC390
  • Compatible with EFTC and EPJS systems


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