IrvinGQ Aerial Delivery – Accessories, Spares & Components

At IrvinGQ we listen to our end users and continue to develop our products, accessories, spares and components with your needs in mind.

Aerial Delivery – The Transfer Safety Link Assembly (TSLA)
The IrvinGQ Transfer Safety Link Assembly (TSLA) was developed to address a known Single Point of Failure (SPOF) within the industry standard extractor retarder aerial delivery system.
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Aerial Delivery – WISAD Water Initiated Sensing Aerial Disconnect
User maintained and refurbished, designed for use on boats and equipment being air dropped into water, the WISAD releases the cargo parachutes from the load on water entry, even in strong winds, thereby ensuring boats are not pulled over or equipment dragged by the inflated parachutes.
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Aircrew Safety Belt
The IrvinGQ Aircrew Safety Belt provides in-flight security for air despatchers, parachute jump instructors and aircrew operating by open aircraft doors and ramps.
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Lightweight Crew Harness
The IrvinGQ Lightweight crew harness is designed to provide maximum safety and comfort while performing crewman and SAR swimmer duties in the cabin of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
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Aircrew Cutter Mk1
The IrvinGQ Aircrew Cutter Mk 1 is designed to cut parachute rigging lines and restraint harness webbing. It was developed for the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) to replace the Emergency Knife Mk 3.
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