HARK Liferaft Systems Training Course

Airborne Systems Limited sold two operational HARK liferaft systems and two HARK training systems to HNZ (Helicopters New Zealand) earlier in the year. HNZ service the Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. offshore oil and gas helicopter support contract from this base at Puerto Princesa. The systems are used in support of Search and Rescue capabilities for the offshore oil field industry.

As the company has no dedicated maintenance engineers qualified in the maintenance and packing of liferafts, it would mean that they would have to return the systems back to Airborne Systems on a yearly basis for maintenance. Due to the time it would take to ship the systems back to the UK, carry out maintenance, then resend back again, the operations would be without SAR cover for three to four weeks per year.

HNZ approached Airborne Systems to run a training course on site in Puerto Princesa Airport in the Philippines for their maintenance team, so that they could be qualified to pack the systems in theatre without the need to return the systems to the UK.

Phil Rounce, Project Engineer and Martin Jackman, the Customer Service Centre Supervisor, went out to Puerto Princesa in the Philippines to carry out the course during the week of 3rd to the 5th October 2016.  The course consisted of training for the HNZ Aircraft Maintenance Staff in the preparation, testing and packing of the liferaft, including any minor repairs. It also went through the despatch procedures for the aircrew to ensure the system is deployed correctly when required for an operational deployment of the system.

The course was completed successfully and certificates presented at the end of the course.