COmplex & Precision

IrvinGQ® is a specialist in designing and engineering complex and precision solutions in flexible materials

An unparalleled proven track record

IrvinGQ® has a proven track record in the design, test and manufacture of large deployable structures that are packed into small packages, erecting within seconds into accurate geometric shapes after long storage periods.

Our engineering expertise and technical competence is derived from our heritage as the world’s most established parachute manufacturer, with these skills transferred across to inflatable structures and further developed for naval protection.

We are proud of our reputation as a pragmatic solution provider for our customers, often working to deliver results in the most challenging circumstances. We love a challenge.

We also offer products and services based on our core engineering and technical competences, including:

  • Decoy and rocket retarder systems
  • Drogues and parachutes
  • Polymer technology engineering with flexible materials
  • Knitted and woven lamination
  • Specialised materials engineering including: para-aramid (Kevlar), liquid crystal polymer (vectran), nylon, polyester
  • Materials jointing technology, RF welding, adhesives, mechanical processes
  • CNC material cutting and marking
  • Folding and packing of flexible materials to extreme densities
  • Consultancy and Concept Development



We offer comprehensive solutions that span the entire lifecycle of your project, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance.