IrvinGQ are celebrating 100 Years of Saving Lives!  in April 2019, our founder, Leslie Irvin, successfully made the world’s first premeditated free fall parachute jump.  That’s 100 years of Irvin and 100 years of IrvinGQ.


IrvinGQ Leslie Irvin first freefall jump



To celebrate our centenary we will have an exclusive, limited edition, numbered, commemorative items for you to buy and collect.  Contact us for more information!


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A quick look at Airborne Systems
About IrvinGQ
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Merry Christmas from Airborne Systems!
Merry Christmas from Airborne Systems
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DO22A Oxygen System used by French Army
The DO22A Oxygen System designed by IrvinGQ (formerly Airborne Systems) has been used during a very high altitude jump training session by the French Army.
-Read More [19/12/2017]
Royal Oman Air Force – congratulations on passing your EFA course!
It has been our absolute pleasure to welcome back the next group from the Royal Oman Air Force to complete a Repair, Maintenance & Packing course for the EFA Brake Parachute
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Bath University Engineering Placement Fair
Great to see all the Engineering students at Bath University’s “Engineering Your Future” Placement Fair on Tuesday 14th November 2017.  Our Product Engineer Intern, Hugo Andrews, our HR Manager, Victoria McCreesh and our Project Engineer R&D, Michael Fieldhouse were there to advertise placements and graduate jobs to the Bath Engineering students and also to network with the other attending companies.
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Royal Oman Air Force EFA Brake Parachute course
During November 2017, it has been our absolute pleasure to welcome to Airborne Systems Europe, the Royal Oman Air Force who were attending a Repair, Maintenance & Packing course for the EFA Brake Parachute, headed up by our Dave Jackman (Design Services Supervisor).
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Insider Media Article 18 July 2017
Insider Media article 18th July 2017 - Turnover has passed the £40m mark at Airborne Systems, with the Bridgend-based military equipment supplier, which recently featured in Tom Cruise film The Mummy, expecting further growth in 2017.
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Airborne Days VI, Eloy, Arizona
Our sixth bi-annual Airborne Days event was held from 19th - 22nd February 2017 in Eloy, Arizona.
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