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26 November 2020 – IrvinGQ develops airdrop platform compatible for use with Milrem Robotics’ Unmanned Ground Vehicle configured with KONGSBERG Protector Remote Weapon Station
Milrem Robotics / IrvinGQ / KONGSBERG enable a true autonomous mission at reach delivered by parachute, or in support of airborne forces, that can limit the warfighters exposure on the battlefield.
-Read More [26/11/2020]
20 November 2020 – US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center Complete Initial Air Drops of IrvinGQ ATAX Land System
IrvinGQ are pleased to announce that on Wed 4th Nov 2020 the US Army DEVCOM Soldier Center in conjunction with YPG support staff and an Air National Guard C-130 conducted the third evaluation airdrop of their ATAX® Land airdrop system, giving the US Department of Defence (DoD) a first-hand opportunity to recognise the benefits that ATAX® can offer the warfighter.
-Read More [20/11/2020]
18 November 2020 – Subsea Craft & IrvinGQ Partner to Explore Aerial Delivery Solutions
British advanced maritime technology business, SubSea Craft Ltd has announced today that it is partnering with IrvinGQ, the world-leading aerial delivery solutions provider, to begin working together to develop a parachute deployment option for its pioneering surface-submersible craft, VICTA.
-Read More [18/11/2020]
08 November 2020 – Lest We Forget
IrvinGQ Remembrance Sunday 2020
-Read More [09/11/2020]
07 October 2020 – Winning photos featuring IrvinGQ Search and Rescue equipment
IrvinGQ search and rescue products in winning photos!
-Read More [07/10/2020]
29 September 2020 – Fantastic footage IrvinGQ LLP
Fantastic footage of our IrvinGQ LLP in operation
-Read More [29/09/2020]
20 September 2020 – IrvinGQ LLP SC15 & CDS Barrier Equipment
IrvinGQ LLP and CDS being dropped with our cargo parachute SC15 with our CDS barrier equipment
-Read More [20/09/2020]
25 August 2020 – IrvinGQ Paratrooper kit
16 Air Assault Brigade checks before jumping IrvinGQ LLP with LLRP
-Read More [25/08/2020]