IrvinGQ are celebrating 100 Years of Saving Lives!  in April 2019, our founder, Leslie Irvin, successfully made the world’s first premeditated free fall parachute jump.  That’s 100 years of Irvin and 100 years of IrvinGQ.


IrvinGQ celebrating 100 years of saving lives



To celebrate our centenary we will have an exclusive, limited edition, numbered, commemorative items for you to buy and collect.  Contact us for more information!



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IrvinGQ are proud winners of "Best Exhibitor Safe Europe 2019"! Find out which exhibitions IrvinGQ will be in over the next few months and come and see us!
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ATAX on display!
ATAX demonstration with 1er Regiment du train parachutiste
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Successful delivery to the Indian Navy
Following acceptance flight trials earlier in the year, IrvinGQ recently delivered training to the users which included Maintenance, Parachute Packing and Repair, System Rigging and Despatch and Recovery Procedures.
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Amazing footage of our IrvinGQ SC15 Parachutes from the A400M aircraft
Look at this video of the A400M over Salisbury Plain dropping a full aircraft load of 24 Container Delivery System loads using our IrvinGQ SC15 Parachutes
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Introducing our new President!
Debbie Smith new President of IrvinGQ
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Merry Christmas from everyone at IrvinGQ!
Merry Christmas from everyone at IrvinGQ
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16 Air Assault Brigade Paratrooper geared up with LLP & LLRP
Great demo of our world-class parachutes, the IrvinGQ LLP & LLRP on Instagram courtesy of 16 Air Assault Brigade
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LLP & LLRP – IrvinGQ branded and looking good!
Our mannequin, fashioning our new sleek, black LLP (Low Level Parachute) and LLRP (Low Level Reserve Parachute) getting a lot of attention whilst on display at PIA Symposium
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