Here are some of the exhibitions that IrvinGQ will be attending over the next few months.  Come along and see us if you are there!



10-13 September 2019 LONDON

Air Zone

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Sea Air Space Washington 2016
DPRTE Cardiff 2016
DEFEXPO India 2016
MAST Amsterdam 2016
Eurosatory Paris 2016
Airborne Days VI, Eloy, Arizona Feb 2017
ATAX aerial delivery platform on display DSEI London 2017
DSEI London 2017
DSEI London 2017
BIDEC Bahrain 2017 - Demonstrating our Personnel Parachutes and Air Drop capabilities
MADEX South Korea 2017 - Demonstrating our naval decoy systems
Sea Air Space 2018 - Demonstrating our naval decoy systems
Published by Jessica Cook | Date Published 26/10/2016